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Enormous Employment Opportunities in Land Pooling Policy

Posted By : May 31 2016

Posted On : Delhi LPP


An online petition for the approval of Land Pooling Poling was recently filed at This was directed against the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. The benefits that accompany Land Pooling Policy are actually larger than life. This policy first came into the limelight in September 2013 when the DDA sanctioned it. Since then, this landmark policy has been waiting in the parliament to get passed. The people of Delhi are in need of such a world class development. It is such a magnanimous policy that has the potential to transform Delhi as India’s first smart city.

One of the most glaring issue that this policy will tackle is employment in Delhi. You won’t believe that an approximately 33 lac various job will be created if this gets passed. There are numerous skilled and unskilled people in Delhi who can use this opportunity to get their financial as well as social status up. Since Land Pooling Policy is the basis of Master Plan Delhi which is planned to complete in 2021, it will make sure that the whole construction period to make it a Smart City runs for 5-6 years. This will hamper the labour class as well as the technically skilled people. There will be around 6 lacs jobs regarding construction and logistics in those areas where this policy would be implemented. The government will oversee this construction, hence, the labour should be able to feel safe and will get their wages in time. Jobs for technically skilled people will also be of around 6 lacs since there will be a massive construction of 25 lac houses. It will be the best solution for people who are skilled yet jobless. These opportunities will scale their future to new heights. These jobs will be best suited for the economically weaker sections of the society and will help to bring them up.

These were the jobs that will be available during the construction, but after the Smart City is built, a whole new diverse kind of jobs will be available to the people of Delhi and also those who will be migrating there. Apart from the residential and commercial places, there will be an upsurge in public facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks etc. Additionally, Diplomatic Enclave 2 and AIIMS 2 is also planned around this area with many other government offices joining them. Pertaining to this development in government offices, a mammoth 1.5 government jobs will become available. The jobs related to the construction and maintenance of the 4th phase of the metro will also be included in this. Police, departmental jobs and various posts in government jobs are included in it.

As we all know, there is a provision to make 25 lac houses in this Land Pooling Policy, hence it should be considered as a whole new world class city. Therefore, a multitude of additional amenities such as schools, colleges and hospitals would be constructed as well. These will bring 20,000 jobs teaching jobs, 4ooo professing jobs and 6000 government doctor jobs respectively. Last, but not the least, the commercial sectors will be able to come up with a staggering 20 lac jobs in many fields.

Delhi has kept its faith with Aam Admi Party and has elected Mr. Arvind Kejriwal as Chief Minister. Their belief in the present government should not be broken and the government should sanction this policy as soon as possible. Sanctioning this policy would bring a relief to the people who had always wished to have an employment in Delhi.

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