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Land Pooling Policy FAQ Chapter No -1

Posted By : Dec 19 2018

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Delhi Development Authority

Question 1. Why Land Pooling Policy is required in Delhi?

Answer 1. The large scale Land Acquisition, Development and Disposal Policy of Delhi approved in 1961 is still in operation. However, land acquisition and planned development has not kept pace with the increasing demand of urbanization. The process of acquisition is increasingly challenged by land owners due to low compensation as compared to the market value. Therefore, Land Pooling Policy is an alternative option for assembly and development of land/ infrastructure with the involvement of the private sector.

Question 2. What is the meaning of Consortium in Land Pooling Policy?

Answer 2. Consortium means a duly registered association having rights, duties & obligations in accordance with law, consisting of multiple landowners/ Developer Entities who have come together to pool land for unified planning, servicing and subdivision/share of the land or any other defined action for development of sectors under the Land Policy as per prescribed norms and guidelines.

Question 3. Which areas will come under land pooling policy?

Answer 3. This policy is applicable in the proposed urbanisable area of the urban Extensions for which Zonal Plans have been approved. The immediate urban extension are in the zone J, K-I, L, N & P (I & II).

Question 4. Who can participate in Land Pooling Policy?

Answer 4. The Policy is open to all landowners who own land in the areas notified by DDA/Government under the Policy. Landowners with any size of land may participate as per the application process specified in the Regulations.

Question 5. What is the minimum land size to participate in Land Pooling?

Answer 5. Land parcels of any size can be brought under pooling, provided they fall in the areas notified by the DDA/Government under Land Policy.

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